“On October 3rd..

he asked me what day it was”

I was also accepted to the Disney College Program.

It was a friday morning.  I was trying to understand that substituents are more stable in equatorial positions than they are in axial positions on cyclohexane. I was on my phone when I should have been listening to the wonderful Dr. Pflum.  I also received an email from Disney.

So here’s how it happened

I am sitting in lecture next to my friend Allison.

I tell her I just got an email from Disney.

My heart is racing.

I open said email.

Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 7.59.44 PM

I read said email.

I can’t speak. I can’t even breathe.

I’m shaking all over. I’m in shock. I start crying.

I start breathing again. Heavily.

One of my dreams just came true.

I’m possibly the happiest I’ve ever been.

Allison and I are trying to not make a huge scene.

Everyone else in General Lectures is going about their business.

In this moment it doesn’t matter that I was running on no where near enough sleep. It doesn’t matter that it’s pouring rain outside. It doesn’t matter that I’m contemplating my major.

In this moment it only matters that I got accepted into the Disney College Program.  Disney sees something in me. Disney wants me to come work for them.

I will carry this moment with me forever.

And I’m so glad that Allison could share in this moment with me.

After the initial shock wore off I checked all my program details.

(I say initial because I still become overwhelmed with emotions when it hits me all over again that this is actually happening. That I’m actually going to Disney.)

I had been accepted to the Spring Advantage 2015 Disney College Program at Walt Disney World Resort for Merchandizing.

Merchandise was one of my top roles too!! Followed by Character Performer and Character Attendant.  (I will write a post about my Character Performer Audition soon)

I am going to be a Cast Member.

God is so Good.

Have a Magical Day,



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