Character Performer Auditions; Part 2

Hey guys!

If you haven’t read my “Character Performer Auditions; Part 1” you should probably go do that before you read this(:

After the initial cut is where it gets even more fun, at least that’s what I thought!

The casting director gave us a very nice talk about character integrity, so I can’t share too much about this part of the audition publicly. After all the cuts were made, we filled out some paper work, (which was just basic information, but more so than when we initially checked in), got our height measured, and picture taken. Smile Big!

From this point, we learned two animation exercises.  Personally, this is the part of the audition that I had the most fun with and also where I think I did best! We practiced acting out different scenarios while the choreographer gave us feedback and inspiration. Both the choreographer and casting directer were so encouraging and made it a great experience overall.  The most important part for the animations is to have really big and exaggerated motions, lots of facial expressions, and to act on different levels (for example, crouch down and then move up to your tip-toes). If you are not a strong dancer, then really focus on making your animations stand out.

After this, we learned another dance routine. I’m not going to lie, I found this part difficult. If you’re not a dancer (like myself), just try your best, have fun, and keep a smile on your face. That’s what I did.  Plus, if you don’t want to be a parader mover, then it really doesn’t matter how well you dance.  You don’t have to be a great dancer to be a character. The routine started out simple and then got difficult, it was also significantly longer than the one in the first half of the audition.  I’m not sure the exact song it was to, but it was fun and upbeat. The choreographer broke it down and went over the dance a lot, so it wasn’t too hard to pick up, but I still struggled with it.  After the choreographer finished teaching us the dance, he moved us back into the room that we waited in to hear our numbers called earlier on.  We were waiting in here for a while, so me and another group of girls went over and over and over and over the dance routine.  This is also a perfect time to get a drink of water or eat a snack. I highly suggest hydrating.

The casting director then broke us up into smaller groups, but this time not based on our numbers.  There was a group of all really good dancers, so its seams as if you’re grouped based on your height/looks/abilities.  The group I was in included myself, three other girls that were about my height, three guys, and the girl who had been a character performer on her DCP.  Once my group was called, we went back into the original studio and performed both animation exercises back to back, followed by the dance routine repeated twice. Smile.

During one of the animation exercises, I smiled really big and bright at the casting director and she smiled right back at me. I’m not sure what that means, but it was still a really cool moment.  I did alright the first time we performed the dance, but the second time I messed up the choreography so bad! I smiled through it so hopefully (fingers crossed) it wasn’t too horrible.

Once our group was finished, she called a couple of people to stay back; I was not one of them. But she said anyone who has made it this far is still in consideration! I am in consideration to be a character performer for Disney!! How crazy is that?! So regardless if I get the role or not, Disney saw something in me and I think that is incredible. And I’m accepted into the program for merchandise so I will be working for Mr. Mouse no matter what(:

My audition was on October 7th. Today is November 9th.  The last possible day to hear back is November 17th, so not too much longer and I will have an answer either way.  I know someone who attended this audition who got the role, and I also know someone who did not, and there are a lot of people who attended other auditions who are still waiting just like me.  No one knows Disney’s method of casting, except for Disney!

Before I auditioned I had lots and lots of questions, so I hope that I was able to answer some of yours and if not please comment below and I will be glad to answer them. I wish all of you auditioning the best of luck, I’m sending positive vibes and pixie dust your way.

Dream on Dreamers,



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