(Not so much of a) Role Update

Happy Friday!

I got an email from Disney today.

“We regret to inform you that you were not selected to be a character performer.”

Yeah, I’m upset.

But I’m also happy, very happy:

  • I made it to the end of the audition so Disney saw something in me.
  • I didn’t get the rejection right away, so I was being considered for a while.
  • I still get to spend 6 months working for the Walt Disney Company.
  • There will be plenty of other auditions; this is the beginning of an wonderful journey.
  • God has given me the incredible opportunity to work merchandise, which I am very exited about.
  • Life is good.

If Disney has taught me one thing, it’s to never give up on your dreams.

Much Love,


Side note: I was super paranoid that I wrote down the wrong email at the audition and Disney wouldn’t be able to contact me, so at least I got an answer!


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