25 Days and Counting

I honestly cannot believe that my Disney College Program starts in just 25 days. It almost doesn’t feel real to me. Almost.

Michigan is currently in a blizzard state complete with negative temperatures, so I’m definitely ready for warm weather and roads that aren’t covered in snow and ice.

My future roommates and I have made plans to meet up and go to dinner at Downtown Disney the night before we check in, which I’m SO looking forward to! I can’t wait to meet these lovely ladies in person and start our adventure together.

Right now what I am looking forward to most is all the new people! There are so many friendly, Disney-crazed people part of all the Facebook groups and Twitter pages and I’m so excited to meet and work with them. I’m excited to branch out and take advantage of all Orlando has to offer me. Work hard. Play hard.

My sister and I went out to breakfast this morning and we ran into one of my friends who I went to high school with that just got back from her program! It was so nice to talk to her and ask her questions. She said that the first couple weeks are really difficult because you know no one, are in an unfamiliar city, and work is crazy. But she said that once she started making more friends and going out and going to the parks that she had such an amazing time. Talking to her made me even more excited!! She even asked me if I plan on extending..

Other than that, I’ve just been working, enjoying my time at home with friends and family, and trying to stay warm.




4 thoughts on “25 Days and Counting

  1. Congratulations on your CP! I did it back in 2011 and it was seriously the best thing I’ve ever done. So much so, in fact, that I am now moving from Minnesota to Florida to become a Full-Time Cast Member. It’s truly the most magical, most fun place and I wish you all the best and more!


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