trials and tribulations of social media

Happy Friday!

In two weeks I will be on the road to the happiest place on earth ☆

I wanted to briefly discuss some common disputes about DCP social media.

Before I was accepted into the program, I joined two of the general groups on Facebook.  After I was accepted, I joined a few more.  I also followed a bunch of people on Instagram and even more on Twitter.  I know there are some mixed feelings about all of the groups and pages, but I have only had positive experiences. However, I’m not very active on the Facebook groups, but I have been using Twitter a lot more than I care to admit.  Apparently there was a bunch of drama on some of the tumbr pages, but I don’t have any first-hand experience with any of it.

I have found them to be a great source of information and support.  When waiting to hear back about acceptances and auditions, everyone is really supportive (it is Disney after all..) and encouraging.  It is easy to relate to everyone else’s nerves and anxieties because we all know what “the waiting game” is like.  I found my wonderful roommates on the Facebook groups as well as many other people who I can’t wait to meet in person!  At first I was super skeptical about trying to find roommates via social media, but I decided that was much better than going in completely blind (even though going in blind could not have worked out better at WSU).  The groups turn into tech support when we are all freaking out about registering for classes, housing, and filling out new hire paperwork. Everyone is asking the most random, off the wall questions, but they are the questions that pretty much everyone has.  Seeing everyone’s posts on Twitter and Instagram about Disney are super exciting, especially when so many people are already checking in.

All in all, they are a great source of information and support(:

How can you trust everyone?

You can’t.  You just have to be smart enough to watch what you say when you first start talking to someone.  There are some fake profiles out there, but a majority of the people are just as real and just as excited as you are to be Cast Members.

Moving to a brand new city to start a brand new adventure is scary (but way more exciting) in itself and going into it not knowing a single soul is even more nerve-racking (and sort of exhilarating), but making friends before hand via social media makes everything a little less scary(:

Like always, don’t hesitate to ask questions and share your thoughts!

If there are any topics you want me to write about, simply ask.

Stay Golden,


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[These are solely my thoughts on how social media effects the DCP, not social media in general, that’s a whole other conversation]


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