New Hire Paperwork and DORMS Housing

Hello again!

In four extremely short days I will be loading up my car and starting the 17+ hour drive to Florida!

Meanwhile, I wanted to talk about the new hire paperwork and DORMS.

With working at any company, there is a lot of paperwork to fill out, Disney included. Most people receive the email with their username/password to fill out the new hire paperwork well before their check-in date. However, some don’t receive it until a few days before they check in, me being one of these people.  I didn’t receive the information to fill out my paperwork until 10 days before my check-in day.

Luckily, Disney uses the same online portal for new hire paperwork as my job back home, so filling out everything went quite smoothly.  I know that a lot of people had trouble with completing all of the paperwork, so here is how it worked for me:

First, make sure that you have the most recent version of Adobe downloaded on your computer (the email will say this).  I filled out everything on my Mac with Safari as the web browser and had no problem.  You will receive two emails.  The first one will contain the link to the online portal, your username, and instructions.  The second will contain your password for logging on.  When it comes time to fill out the forms, download them in Adobe and fill them out on there.  Once they are all filled out, click “Sign and Submit” either at the top or bottom of the page.  Whenever I would try to submit it on Adobe I would always get an error message, but when I checked on the online portal the form would say completed- I have no idea why this is.  I saved all of the forms to my computer just incase I need them for anything. Better safe than sorry!

I hope this clears up some confusion for some people and, like always, don’t hesitate to ask me any questions.

Also, expect tears while watching the new hire video. Lots of feels.

Next up is roommates and housing preferences!

This portion was a little (and when I say a little I mean a lot) more stressful than the new hire paperwork.

All of my (potential-and I only say potential because nothing is guaranteed) roommates had received their DORMS email to fill out roommate and housing preferences, and I got nothing. I called Disney (numerous times) and was informed that it would be coming soon, but there are still a lot of new hires that still need to be processed.  So I patiently waited for my email, but still nothing.  Then, I heard that my roommates had received a 24 hour notice for filling out the information, but I still hadn’t gotten my email, and of course this was all happening while I was in Washington, DC on the March For Life. I’d be lying if I said we weren’t all kind of frantic.  After another phone call to Disney and explaining my situation, a couple hours later I received my DORMS email, but with less than two hours before housing pre-registration closed for my check-in date.  However, I gave my information to my amazing future roommate, Jeana, and she filled it all out for me with literally 3 minutes to spare.

If by some chance you don’t receive your DORMS email before the cut off date and time for pre-registration, a Cast Member told me that you can email DORMS with your roommates IDs and Disney will try to manually link all of you together. So if you don’t get your email in time, there is still hope of not being stuck with random roommates.

Thankfully, my roommates and I are all linked together, but we won’t know for sure that we are living together for sure until Monday!

I can’t believe I check-in on Monday. This is still so surreal to me.

All that’s left to do is finish packing, get a few final things in order, say goodbye to my family, and then I will begin a brand new adventure!

The next time I blog will probably be while I’m on the road or once I’ve made it to Florida! You guys have no idea how excited I am to be able to actually start blogging about my real experiences at Walt Disney World, rather than just all these pre-Florida things (but don’t get me wrong, I love writing about these things too).

I solemnly swear that I will try my very hardest to keep up with this blog to provide you with all of the information that I possibly can and to fill up my Instagram with so many Disney-related photos that you’ll get sick of looking at them.

stay golden,

Sarah ☆

Also, the applications for Fall/FA 2015 dropped yesterday! If you are even thinking about applying, do it. You never know what could happen(:
Be sure to check out this post [ ] for application and interview information and tips! Best of luck to anyone and everyone who is applying!


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