Check-In Day!

It’s finally here! Check-in day!!

I woke up early Monday morning, a ball of nervousness and excitement.  My mom and I went out for breakfast, which I could hardly eat because I was just so jittery about everything.  Be sure to eat something before check-in because it is a very long day and I was starving by the time I finally got into my apartment.  I went back to my hotel room, finished getting ready for the day, and then met some of my roommates downstairs in the lobby of the hotel we all stayed at.  I recommend staying at the Holiday Inn Resort right across the street from Vista Way because the morning of check in you can just walk right on over to Vista, rather than having to drive and try to find somewhere on the complex to park.  Plus, you can get the CM discount, even though you won’t technically be official yet.

My scheduled check in time was from 9:45-10:45.  We arrived about 9:15 (I think) and waited around before security would let us in, which was around 9:40.  And thus beings the line game.  First, you get a cute little sticker name tag and get in another line to find out your work location! I was really hoping for FantasyLand in Magic Kingdom, but I got placed in Left Block Merchandise in Hollywood Studios, which I’m super excited about! I’ll be working in a park. OMG. I don’t know the specific stores I’ll be working in, but from talking to people it sounds like I’ll be working in a variety of different locations, which makes me even more excited because I love variety. Plus, more locations means more costumes!

After that, you get in another line to find out where you will be living. My roommates and I got placed in Vista Way..our absolute last choice.  When we first found out, we were upset, but now it’s slowly growing on all of us.  With anything, there are pros and cons.  I will make a post specifically about our very interesting move in experience in the near future!

Next, you get in even more lines (what a surprise) where CMs talked to us about covering tattoos, taking out piercings, and other elements regarding the Disney Look.  We also filled out a I-9 form and talked about the education component of the program.  You will also take a picture for Housing ID, make sure your smile big because they only take the picture once.

New CPs will either have Casting on Monday or Tuesday.  I had Casting on Monday, so as soon as I made my way through all the lines, which moved quickly, I got in another line for the bus for Casting.  Casting is just Disney’s fancy way of saying you’re getting a background check and filling out more employment varification papers.  It took me about 1 hour and 45 minutes to get through Casting.  It could take longer or shorter depending on how many people are there while you are.  Once Casting was over, I headed back to my apartment to move in.

For the rest of the day, I cleaned, unpacked, went shopping for groceries and other necessities, and just spent the night hanging out with my brand new roommates! Who are all super awesome, by the way.

Tuesday was my housing meeting and Thursday (today) is my Traditions day!!

The first couple days are an insane adjustment, but such an experience.

More adventures are sure to be had.

Stay Golden,

Sarah ☆


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