Valentine’s Day at the Parks!

Hello again,

There were rumors that the Princes would be out on Valentine’s Day, and those rumors were right! By a stroke of luck, or a little bit of magic, I had the day off- and so did my friend, Emily.

Our adventure began when we went to Epcot to walk around the world showcase and do some character hunting.

I’m 19 years old and I still get so excited to meet Disney characters.

First we met Princess Aurora and Prince Philip!


While we were in line to meet the adorable couple, we saw Lane run by.  Let me tell you, her dresses are even more beautiful in person.

Next we met Belle.  She told us that the Beast had to stay at the castle for dancing lessons, which is completely understandable.  Belle is my absolute favorite Princess and I adore her blue dress, so meeting her was simply wonderful.


After that we traveled to Morocco to meet Aladdin and Jasmine! They even had us “hop” onto the magic carpet with them. It was so cute(:


Finally, we made our way over to Germany to see Snow White and her Prince.  She asked us if we wanted a picture with just the Prince, we didn’t even have to ask.


After we completed our journey around the world, we went to Magic Kingdom for some ice cream and to watch Celebrate the Magic and Wishes. A perfect end to a lovely Valentine’s Day.


I’m so excited to share more adventures with you all.

Much love,

Sarah ☆


2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day at the Parks!

  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures Sarebear! I herd it got pretty cold there. It’ VERY cold here!!! No school today… I’m sure Shells didn’t mind. Xo


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