Little Moments; Big Impacts

Happy Spring! Happy Friday!

Well your Friday, my Tuesday.

I wanted to take this time to share a few of the magical moments that I have experienced thus far.

This first one happened several weeks ago.  A dad and his three daughters came up to me asking where they could find a Baymax plush.  There is only one location in Hollywood Studios that sells them and it was already closed for the night.  One of the little girls told me that she really wanted to get it for their other sister who was sick and couldn’t be here tonight.  Now I knew that I had to find a way to get this family the plush.  I talked to one of my managers to see what I could do; she had me run over to the other location, grab the plush, and transfer it over to our store.  Walking back into my location and seeing the entire family’s faces light up, including the dads was such a good feeling.  One of the girls ran up to me and gave me a huge hug.  Knowing that I could provide this family with something that they will have to always remember their trip here leaves me feeling satisfied with where I’m at at the end of the day.  My manager gave me a Four Keys card for this, but seeing the family’s reactions was more than enough for me.

A couple weeks ago there was a guest who had lost one of the MagicBand add ons.  He came in and asked if he could buy them individually, but unfortunately they are only sold as a set.  I talked to my coordinator and he said go ahead and give him the one he is missing.  I could not tell you how many times the guest continued to thank me after the fact.  I find it amazing how wiling the company is to go above and beyond to create happiness for guests.

A week or so ago I had a guest come up to me asking for one of my co-workers.  He told me that she had helped him and his autistic son find a balloon that he really wanted.  He explained that with his son being autistic, when he couldn’t find the balloon his son wanted, he was extremely distraught, but when my co-worker helped them find it, it completely turned his mood around.  The father said, “her taking the time to help my son means more to me than coming to the parks itself.”  I made sure that my co-worker heard this story.  Again, working with so many people who are so willing to help others creates such a good work environment.

This one happened to me last night.  There was a little girl who was struggling to get her new Jessie doll out of the package.  Her and her grandma came over to my register and asked if I had scissors to help them out.  Of course I cut the doll out of the package and handed it over to girl.  Like I always do with guests, I wished them a magical night and the lady replied, “you were our magic tonight”  Her response surprised me because I cut countless tags off of items for guests every single day, but to her taking the couple extra minutes to help her granddaughter obviously meant so much to her and I am so glad that I was able to do that for them.

And there are always the adorable little kids dressed up as princesses and pirates that have looks of pure joy on their faces, the young and newly engaged couples or the couples who are celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary here in the most magical place on earth, and the parents who seem to be having more fun than their kids.  These still never fail to put a little smile on my face.

Some days here are better than others and there have definitely been some less than magical experiences- but that’s just life.  Given that, I still wouldn’t want to spend the next 4.5 months anywhere but right here.

I know that I can’t stay with the company forever, at least not for now, but being able to experience all these things on top of all the other perks of this internship are truly incredible.  Working for a company that not only allows, but encourages it’s Cast Members to constantly exceed guest expectations really is such a wonderful experience.  There truly is no other company like the Walt Disney Company.

I have many more stories to share, but I need to start getting ready for work. So until next time..

Stay Gold,

Sarah ☆


2 thoughts on “Little Moments; Big Impacts

  1. That’s so great Sarah! Some of my students and families are headed there for spring break. Look for gotta dance jackets! Love you! Xo


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