A Day in the Life

Hello! Sincere apologies for being gone for so long, it’s just that I’ve been quite busy lately.  It really is crazy that I have been down here for two and a half months already.  I know I have until August, but thinking about going back to school sounds so unappealing.  I don’t necessarily feel homesick, but I do miss my friends and family like crazy.  My family will be here in exactly three weeks to come and visit me and I’m most definitely looking forward to it.

Now for some life updates:

I have been offered a position as an RA in the fall when I go back to school, which I am excited about, amongst other things.  However part of me wishes I could live in these Disney moments forever, but I couldn’t spend my entire life working merchandise, even if it is at the place where dreams come true.  I’m trying to simply make the most and best of everything.  Also, one of my good friends from back home just got engaged and asked me to be one of her bridesmaids, which makes me feel super old, but I’m so honored that she wants me to be in her wedding party!

I want to share with you what a typical day is like for me:

Being a CP, a lot of my shifts are closing shifts, so I usually don’t start until the afternoon or evening. Typically I’ll get up mid-morning and either hop in the shower or go lay out in the wonderful Orlando sunshine.  From there I like to make breakfast; my go to is oatmeal and coffee.  Before work, I’ll do laundry, go grocery shopping, or run other errands if there’s anything on my to-do list.  I’ve also been really into journalling lately.  Sometimes, I’ll go to the parks in the morning before work, but most of the time I’ll just take care of things around the apartment.  I save park adventures for my days off now.  While getting ready for work, I always pack my lunch because I’m not a fan of processed and overpriced vending machine food.  I drive myself to work, thankfully.  I cannot stress enough how grateful I am that I have a car and am able to have it down here with me, even if my AC is currently broken.  The buses they provide to us for our transportation are so unreliable.  My shifts are generally about 7-8 hours, but sometimes longer and sometimes shorter.  I still really enjoy working for the company.  I have had a number of difficult guests and unmagical interactions, but I have had even more great and positive guest interactions.  Also, all of my co-workers, coordinators, and managers are good people, but sometimes I’m extra glad to be working with some people.  If I’m having a rough day, one positive guest interaction can instantly put me in a better mood for the rest of my shift.  It’s something that’s sort of tough to explain to someone who is not a Cast Member, but the feeling I get knowing that I have been able to have a positive influence on a family’s vacation is so rewarding, especially considering the fact that most people don’t plan Disney vacations on the sole purpose of wanting to have a good shopping experience.

I’ve already learned so much about myself and other people in the short amount of time that I’ve been on the program and I’m excited to see what the rest of my program will bring!

Stay Golden and Be Magical,

Sarah ☆

car and am able to have it down here with me.


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