A Collection of Magical Moments

First off, sorry about the hiatus.

As a Walt Disney World Cast Member I get to experience some pretty amazing things, as well has having to deal with some pretty crazy situations.

Most of the time, it really is the littlest things that put a smile on my face throughout the day and make working special events until 2:30 AM with cheerleaders and their moms all worth it.

Here are some of those little moments:

  • Seeing little girls dressed up as princesses and SO excited about it.  A lot of times I’ll greet them as “Hello, Princess [character they are dressed as].” Sometimes they just give me a look and keep walking, but then sometimes they get all smiley and excited.
  • Being able to play Tic-Tac-Toe with kids when our store is slow (usually while Fantasmic is going on).
  • Passing out Mickey Mouse stickers! Who knew that something so small and so easy could be so much fun.
  • Talking to people, young and old, about what their favorite part of their day was or what they are most looking forward too.  This allows the guest to get even more excited and then I am also able to suggest different things to do depending on their interests.
  • When little kids are up at the register with their parents purchasing merchandise, I will ask if whichever character item they are getting is their favorite.  My favorite is whenever someone buys anything Ariel related because I like to ask if they wish they were a mermaid too sometimes.
  • Pin Trading is one of my favorite things to do, most of the time (when I’m not getting stabbed with pins, given fake pins, or having my lanyard pulled on while trying to process a transaction) and it gives me such a great opportunity to really talk with guests and learn about them, especially when we aren’t busy.  I have been able to talk to so many guest this way.  Sometimes its kids who are here on their first visit and I love listening to them talk about everything that they have done so far and sometimes its older adults who have been vacationing here for years and I get to hear their reasons for coming back decade after decade.
  • Blowing bubbles! The weather is getting hotter and more humid by the day and the days I work outside are very sweaty and sunny, but merchantaining with bubbles is oddly satisfying plus without fail it puts a smile on guests faces. 
  • When guests express how appreciative they are of what we do; it makes up for all the less appreciative ones (: 
  • Being able to take part in special events/occurrences, like Star Wars Weekends! 

Plus, my co-workers are pretty rad. 

Until next time, 



One thought on “A Collection of Magical Moments

  1. Great Sarebear! Good to get an update! Was just asking your Dad about you. Weather has been kinda icky here…lots of rain! Glad to have recitals over. Michelle was wonderful as usual!!! Now a break then summer classes start. Already looking for music for next year. Take care Sarah. Love you xo


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