change and courage

Hello dreamers,

I think I knew from the moment I clocked out on my last day of my first program that my journey with The Walt Disney Company was far from over. My last night of work ended with me bawling my eyes out over the plush wall. I remember one of my coordinators asking me why I didn’t extend if I was this upset about leaving.

I still don’t see myself making a career at Disney because I think God is calling me to do other things, but I hope He wants me to have at least a little bit more time with the company since that is the path I’m currently being led down.

I dreamt dreams of returning as a Cast Member for a little bit before committing to graduate school. I had planned on possibly applying for another CP or a FT position after finishing undergrad, but things never occur exactly the way we plan them. Plus, there is never a bad time for dreams to come true (again).

So without further ado I am happy to announce that I have accepted my role as a Character Attendant for the Fall 2016 DCP and I will be back in Orlando from August 15th thru January 5th


Stay Golden,

Sarah ☆


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