Five Things the DCP Taught Me

It’s kind of hard to explain exactly what the Disney College Program is to people who haven’t experienced it themselves.  It’s an internship, but I don’t actually get college credit for doing it.  I’m working for a Fortune 500 company, but not in anything related to the field that I’m pursing.  Oh, and I’m taking classes, but instead of an actual “big girl” degree, I’ll be getting a super cheesy “Mousters” degree.  But all of this is appealing.  So appealing that I’m taking another semester off to do it all over again.

My experience taught me a lot about Disney and a lot about myself.  Here are 5 things completely unrelated to Disney that I learned because of the DCP:

  1. To live in little moments
    • Spending six months living in Orlando really taught me how important how it is to embrace the little things and make the most out of everything.  Everyday was a little bit different and definitely special, and having a limited amount of time here showed me how to embrace my spontaneity and sacrifice sleep for memories.
  2. Breaking social norms is okay
    • To an extent, of course.  Taking a semester off of school showed me that there is absolutely nothing wrong with not following a strict four-year graduation plan or taking time off before pursuing a higher education.  I’ve learned that if I want to do something, I have to do it now.  It’s simultaneously terrifying and freeing to accept that I don’t fit into society’s cookie-cutter mold of how I should be spending my college years in order to be successful.  
  3. Moving across the country is just as terrifying and freeing as it seems
    • But I’m really, really glad I decided to do it.  The college I attend is only 40 minutes away from home, so even though I live at school, my family was always right there if I ever needed to come home.  Once my mom left after check-in, I was on my own with all the other new CPs who were on their own too.  It’s so freeing, though, to learn how to be independent, together.  
  4. What long distance friendships are really like
    • Leaving friends and a place that I have found a home in hurt, and missing those people  hurts even more.  But, reminiscing on memories and sharing new stories makes these friends seem a little less far away.   
  5. The power of grocery shopping and meal planning
    • Last but not least, I have a love/hate relationship with food.  Being able to shop for my own groceries and actually know what I have available to eat, rather than depending on the cafe and fast-food restaurants on campus, has helped me to hate food a little bit less.  One of the things I’m really looking forward to is being able to prepare my own food and actively choose what I want to eat again.


Stay Golden,

Sarah ☆


2 thoughts on “Five Things the DCP Taught Me

  1. I’m pretty much irrationally excited to grocery shop again. I had to have a meal plan on campus so if I bought extra food, it would basically be wasting money, but the meal plan has me eating the same exact things all of the time… and trying to eat healthy just isn’t possible. Plus I love splurging at all the great Disney restaurants!


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