my first princess look-alike audition

hey dreamers,

if you’re looking for insight on a successful audition, leave now.

if you want to hear about my experience, keep reading.


on may twelfth i attended a princess look-alike audition at disney’s animal kingdom rehearsal facility.  (tip: to get to the facility, type the address in on a gps and follow the directions, just make sure to follow the purple sign to the animal kingdom lodge, rather than following the signs toward dak)

the audition was scheduled to begin at four pm, and i arrived at about three fifteen.  by the time i arrived, there were already a good amount of people there.  i got my number (which was 63) and sat with a group of girls until the casting directors gave us further instructions.  we signed up through a google doc., which is way more efficient than having everyone sign in on an ipad.

they called the first group in around three forty.  i was in the second group called. the audition is super simple. we were lined up in rows of ten, and the casting director looked at us. we were told to smile as if someone was taking our picture.  out of the group of fifty i was with, only three people were called to say for the next round; two guys and one girl.  there were also about four or five girls sitting out in the hallway who were asked to stay from the first group.

short and not all that sweet.

i left the rehearsal facility and enjoyed the rest of my day.  maybe next time.


stay golden,





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