my first six days


This past Monday (August 15th) I checked into my second Disney College Program.  Since my last program, the check-in process has changed and the new way is so much more convenient! Instead of everyone going to Vista Way to check-in, Disney Housing sends out an itinerary including which complex you will be living in a few days before check in.  This sped up the entire process.  My designated check-in time was 11:45.  I got to Patterson around 11:20 and five minutes later I had my apartment key and housing ID.  I already like living at Patterson so much more than Vista, plus there wasn’t mold in our shower when we moved in!  Later in the day, I went to Casting where I found out that I would be based at Epcot, which I am very excited about!

I met my roommates and started to unpack.  Selecting random roommates made me so nervous, but we’ve been living together for less than a week and I already adore them.  If this vibe keeps up for the remainder of my program, and I’m hopeful that it will, then the next four and a half months are sure to be grand.  It’s a much healthier living environment than during my first program.

Tuesday was a free day for me, so I spent the day shopping, unpacking, decorating, and getting to know my roommates.  For dinner, we all cooked breakfast for dinner! It was our first dinner in our apartment together- the first of many.

Over the next couple days, I visited Disney Springs and Universal.  All of my roommates are HUGE Harry Potter fans so we all had a lot of fun.  Walking through the new Disney Springs is so pleasing because all the buildings are so pretty to look at! I’m definitely going to need to get used to the new set up though- it feels very different from Downtown Disney.

I had Traditions on Saturday (yesterday) and it was just as meaningful to me as the first time.  Being welcomed back into a company that I love so so much was a wonderful feeling.  It’s still a little surreal that I’m back.  I’m sure things will feel more real as I begin training for my new role as a Character Attendant!

After Traditions I met up with my roommates at Magic Kingdom to watch Wishes and enjoy each others company.  Walking into Magic Kingdom felt like the most natural thing in the world.  I can not reiterate enough how good it feels to be back.  My life is a fairytale again.  We got to meet Tinker Belle, Rapunzel, Tiana, Cinderella, and Aurora.  I’m so glad my roommates love meeting princesses as much as I do.

I’m very excited and very hopeful about all of the wonderful experiences the next few months hold for me.


Until next time,




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